Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Royal Free Singers Summer concert 2015

Two masses: Jongen and Faure

The two works in this concert are both tuneful expositions of the Latin Mass: the well known and loved Fauré Requiem and the, until now, hardly known Mass Opus 130 by the Belgian composer Joseph Jongen (1873-1953), described by John W. Ehrlich, Music Director of the Spectrum Singers of Cambridge, Massachusetts, as "one of the most beautiful and accessible pieces of 20th century choral music I know."  Jongen composed it in July 1945 in thanksgiving for his son's release from Buchenwald earlier that year and dedicated it to his late brother, the Reverend Canon Alphonse Jongen of Liege Cathedral.  He added the Credo in 1948.  Nearly forgotten for the next 40 years, in recent years it has been performed with increasing frequency throughout the world.  

The background image shows the interior of Liege Cathedral, where the Jongen Mass was first performed.

Ticket prices:
  • £12
  • £1 for under 12s,
  • £5 for 12-16 year-olds
  • Special block booking rates for churches and other organisations -
    10+ tickets 20% discount, if booked in advance.
For tickets:-
  • Phone:  01628 638984
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  • Call in: The Royal Windsor Information Centre, Royal Windsor Station, Windsor